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Here in Knoxville and the surrounding areas there is definitely a cyclical season for boating. As we enter the fall season we will be seeing fewer small boats on the water and with the Vol Navy out for football games, many larger boats out and about. But with the cooler weather and changing colors I believe fall is one of the best seasons for boating.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the best out of your time on the water this season. • Get out on the water earlier. With shorter days you will want to be up and out on the water earlier in the day.

• Keep that sunscreen handy. Cooler days does not mean the sun is not intense. Be sure to protect your skin.

• Layer your clothing. In our area days may start off crisp but the afternoons can be very warm.

• Pack warm drinks instead of cool to chase away the cold.

• If you are leaving more canvas up on your boat be aware of your CO levels throughout the boat.

• Pack a camera because the color of the trees from the water is like nothing you’ve ever seen. If you are not a fall boater and are getting ready to haul your boat out for the winter, you should consider wash and winterizing package.

Shiny Bottoms Hull Cleaning is here to help you with this process so that you can keep your boat in tip top shape and be ready to enjoy next year’s boating season.

Check out the Shiny Bottoms Crew out supporting Cerebral Palsy at a recent low country boil.